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We call it "Undoctored Health," but this program is like no other health program you have every experienced

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What if I could provide you with a pill that allowed you to lose 10, 20, or 50 pounds without limiting calories, counting points, or exercising? What if this same pill shut down appetite and cravings, shrunk belly fat, all without causing you to endure a Biggest Loser sob-fest? What if that same pill freed you from gastrointestinal fireworks of acid reflux, heartburn, and diarrhea, and also improved mood, increased energy, deepened sleep, and reduced or eliminated joint pain? What if this pill also reversed skin conditions such as seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis, and acne and earned you compliments on the smoothness of your skin from friends and family? What if chronic sinus congestion, sinus infections, and asthma were brought to a halt and you no longer needed repeated antibiotics and inhalers? What if that same little pill, taken every day, reversed inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis?

What if this single pill could also replace dozens of prescription drugs--cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs, diabetes drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, and acid reflux drugs while reducing cholesterol values, blood sugars, and inflammation, packing all the benefits of many prescription medications into one pill but with none of the cost or side-effects? And what if this same powerful pill not only made you feel better than you have in years, but also had the potential to achieve a physical makeover that made you look 10, even 20, years younger without Botox or filler injections, the envy of old classmates at your 20-, 30-, or 40-year high school reunion?

And, unlike a fistful of daily pills costing hundreds or thousands of dollars every month, this one pill is inexpensive, just a few dollars. Slender, healthier, the recipient of the envious attention of friends and coworkers, while pocketing the savings to put towards a new wardrobe to show it all off—does such a miraculous pill exist that accomplishes the entire list of health and weight benefits at virtually no cost?

No, it does not. There is certainly no such magic pill among the thousands of prescription drugs. Prescription weight loss drugs alone come with a long list of side-effects, from diarrhea to damaged heart valves, not to mention return of the weight when you stop the drugs. Anti-inflammatory drugs commonly cause bleeding stomach ulcers, fluid retention, hypertension, weight gain, and a desire to join AARP. Cholesterol-reducing drugs increase risk for diabetes, impair memory, cause muscle aches and weakness, making it difficult to even get in or out of a car. Drugs for erectile dysfunction cause blindness, an unjustifiable dent in the wallet, and bad TV commercials. A perfect drug to achieve even one of these benefits simply does not exist, let alone the entire list, despite the extraordinary sums spent to promote them. Likewise, nutritional supplements: there is no single supplement (nor list of supplements) that can achieve this entire list of benefits.

But it does exist, not as a pill, but as a collection of simple lifestyle changes—not as compact as a single tablet or capsule, but a collection of health strategies that can achieve all the benefits in the above list. Too good to be true? Not at all.

We will also discuss how nutritional supplements and related strategies can be used in a targeted way. The supplements do not compensate for deficiencies of the diet; they compensate for deficiencies of modern life--a big difference. If you are like most modern people in the U.S., you refuse to run naked in a tropical sun, for example, and don't like to eat liver. It means that vitamin D deficiency is highly likely, especially if you work indoors and are 40 years old or older, as we lose the ability to activate vitamin D in the skin with sun exposure, even a dark tan. Replacing vitamin D is therefore accomplished with nutritional supplementation. Likewise, drinking chlorinated water, being exposed to pesticide and herbicide residues in vegetables and fruit, and prior consumption of sugar and grains disrupts bowel flora, the microbes that live in the colon. We therefore work to restore and repopulate the colon with healthy species.

Put the entire collection of strategies together and a powerful synergy emerges, a synergy that achieves a level of heath that easily surpasses the kind of health you'd achieve from the doctor's office.

Max, the Undoctored Health mascot, will be bringing you occasional important announcements.

"Undoctored Health is designed to be a program for health that is brought to you by your workplace. You can, of course, engage in the program at home or office. The course is designed to complement and expand what you obtain through a workplace wellness program. We won't go back over some of the concepts that you may learn through wellness programs, such as quitting smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol, or exercise--they are important, but can only achieve so much. Undoctored Health takes up the slack to restore magnificent health.

"In the Undoctored Health program, we take health concepts to a new level. While it is revolutionary and will require changes in daily food choices and other habits, hundreds of thousands of people have engaged in this program before you with extraordinary success. We shall share some of those successes with you along the way."

There are six strategies separating you from magnificent health

There are six basic strategies in the Undoctored Health program. When followed properly, they build on the benefits of a wellness program but yield further dramatic improvements in health, weight, life performance and appearance to levels that you may have thought impossible.

By following the Undoctored Health program, the majority of people will:

  1. Lose substantial weight without cutting or counting calories (if excess weight is present)
  2. Reverse numerous common health conditions such as acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, fatty liver, many sources of chronic pain
  3. People with type 2 diabetes will dramatically reduce reliance on insulin or oral and other injectable drugs yet obtain IMPROVED blood sugar/HbA1c; many type 2 diabetics will become NON-diabetic
  4. Dramatically reduce, even eliminate, reliance on prescription medications
  5. Feel better with greater focus, optimism, energy and flexibility
  6. Look better--Turning back the clock 10 or 20 years is not uncommon
  7. Reduce reliance on conventional healthcare and thereby reduce healthcare costs

While there are only six basic strategies in the program, it is crucial that you take each and every one seriously, as the whole achieves a critical synergy: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts or what I like to call "the 2 + 2 = 11 effect"--not bad math, but an illustration of the enormous potential of this program. Please resist the impulse to cherry-picking among the strategies. Follow the program in its entirety and you will never be quite the same.

This course is designed to be taken at your own pace. Ideally, tackle one section per day so that all the concepts remain fresh in your mind day-by-day. You likely have plenty on your schedule already, so a section every few days also works. Regardless, if you just commit to following this program and putting the ideas to work, I predict that you will be absolutely shocked at the benefits that develop in your life and health. It is SO worth the time and effort.

Why "Undoctored"?

Why is the program called "Undoctored"? Simple: The strategies used in this program can be achieved with little to no involvement of the doctor, hospital, or medical system and help you achieve a level of health that makes the doctor and the tools of healthcare less necessary. There may be occasional need to consult with your doctor to, for instance, reduce or eliminate drugs for diabetes or high blood pressure because the Undoctored Health program can dramatically and rapidly reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, making the drugs less necessary or completely unnecessary. The Undoctored Health program helps you achieve magnificent health with minimal to no medication, frees you from a long list of health conditions--it helps you achieve the highest level of health possible that is SUPERIOR to the health you would have achieved through the doctor's office.

Let’s be absolutely clear: I propose that people can manage their own health safely and responsibly and achieve results superior to that achieved through conventional healthcare—not less than, not on a par with, but superior. My experiences with thousands of people over the last decade confirm that the great majority of people who adopt a handful of simple strategies can obtain health that is vastly superior to that obtained through conventional drugs and procedures, not to mention the awful message that passes for modern dietary advice. You will learn that, for an astounding and long list of health conditions, the code has been cracked. I propose that everyday people can achieve startling results without prescription drugs, without hospitals, without medical procedures, by largely sidestepping the doctor, using information and tools that inform, measure, and support self-directed efforts. And it’s relatively easy, inexpensive, safe, even fun.

It is something that was never before achievable, part of rapidly changing technology. Individual empowerment in health is really just one aspect of broader waves of change that include GPS and self-driving cars. The time has come: the tools of technology, coupled with a critical mass of new information, have reached levels that now allow the everyday person to take back personal control over health.

Let me also be clear on what this program is not: it will not be a guide on how to self-diagnose various diseases, nor a pharmacopeia of over-the-counter treatments. You will see that the Undoctored Health process turns the health equation around 180º by providing an approach that first restores head-to-toe health in unexpected ways, reversing numerous health distortions, many of which you are likely unaware that you had, as well as many overt health conditions.

Just as smartphones have transformed human communication, the information and tools of undoctored, self-directed health will change the way we think about ourselves, how we achieve health, and our relationship to the healthcare system. It will release you from the stranglehold—yes, stranglehold—that conventional healthcare has had on people and replace it with health you create on your own, freeing you from the appointments, impersonality, neglect, and expense of what is presently passed off as healthcare. You haven’t had leeches applied to your arms and legs to bleed you, but you have had to endure something only a bit better to the tune of nearly $10,000 per year, per person.

I will discuss why and how such wonderful self-directed strategies are not only possible, but are essential—leave it up to the doctor and the healthcare system while you submit to their “care” and you are doomed to a life following their rules for their gain. The power you hold reaches far and wide into multiple aspects of your family’s health: cholesterol can be reduced without medication, blood pressure controlled, pre-diabetic blood sugars normalized, just as thousands of others have. You can shed 30 pounds in a few weeks, craft a program to prevent or reverse osteoporosis, amplify energy, all self-directed using resources that are within your reach, many of which you already have. You can share your experience with others, review the experiences of other like-minded people, and find new solutions to previously unsolvable problems, all without a doctor. And, as the new tools and revelations of this new age unfold, that is just the start.

Spiraling healthcare costs also make self-directed health a necessity, as the increasing costs of the healthcare status quo are crippling families. As economically disastrous as spiraling healthcare costs are, you should also recognize that increasing costs are quietly celebrated by the healthcare industry insiders, as they pocket the increased revenue. They have little incentive to fix this flawed healthcare system because your losses are their gains. Drug companies, medical device companies, doctors, hospital systems, health insurers—they all take their piece of this expanding pie, the pie that you and your family sacrifice to provide. Solutions to all the problems—cost, access, providing only as much care as is beneficial—are unlikely to come from within healthcare itself, so we provide the solutions that allow us to view healthcare as largely an option, not a necessity for the majority of health issues.

I predict that your Undoctored Health efforts will dramatically reduce your need for healthcare while you feel better, are spared from hundreds of health issues, while even looking better. It will, in effect, allow you to opt out of most aspects of healthcare. If you can’t beat them . . . don’t play the game, but win the game by playing by your own rules.

The ultimate cost savings emerge when you don’t develop a disease in the first place, or succeed in reversing chronic issues like acid reflux or high blood pressure. The first year of not having acid reflux, for example, can save $2,000 in healthcare costs that year alone because you did not undergo the obligatory (and often unnecessary) endoscopy and were not prescribed the stomach acid-blocking medications that would have led to distortions of bowel flora and associated bloating, bowel urgency, and inflammation, as well as loss of bone density and nutrient deficiencies, downstream health problems resulting from what is often regarded as a “benign” drug treatment. Instead, you institute simple measures that not only address the cause of the problem, but obtain other health benefits without causing unwanted side effects. And your approach costs, at most, a few dollars, or even results in saving money. If you no longer have high blood sugar, you don't need drugs to reduce blood sugar. If you no longer have high blood pressure, you don't need medications to reduce blood pressure. If you no longer have acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, you don't prescriptions drugs for those conditions, either. And such goals are within reach for most people on this program. This is why the Undoctored Health program can be such a huge money-saver.

You are, in effect, failing to contribute to the physicians, nurses, dietitians, technicians, hospital executives, pharmacies, prescription management services, armies of salespeople, pharmaceutical executives, and medical device manufacturers that would have otherwise pocketed the money you would have been forced to spend.

It’s not news that conventional healthcare has proven increasingly dissatisfying to the public. Doctors have been forced into a role of time-limited, crisis-driven interactions that leave little room for meaningful discussion. Just getting someone to look you in the eye seems a rarity. More than ever before, healthcare providers and hospital systems focus on the business of healthcare, hustling more people through revenue-generating hospital procedures. Ever see billboards posted by hospitals, staff in operating room garb, informing you of the great “healthcare” services they provide like coronary bypass surgery, heart rhythm ablation, laparoscopic surgery, or cancer radiation? In the modern system of healthcare, it is difficult or impossible to receive in-depth, personalized health insight, especially since the system regards such activities as inconsequential.

Given the critical mass of information, the advantages provided by technology, and a little benign guidance, and you can be on your way to magnificent health, Undoctored.

Undoctored Health in action

Doctor: “Looking over your medical record, Nancy, I’m a bit concerned about your risk for osteoporosis and hip fracture. It looks like your mom had a hip fracture at age 67. Is that right? ”

Nancy: “Yes, she did, and her life was never quite the same for the five years she lived after that.”

Doctor: “You’re 53 years old. Bone thinning develops over many years. Let’s get you scheduled for a bone scan.”

Two weeks later:

Doctor: “Your z-score is -1.5. This means that your bone density is below normal and you’ve got a mild form of bone thinning called osteopenia. Here: This is a prescription for alendronate, what used to be called Fosamax.”

Nancy: “Aren’t there side-effects with that drug? A friend of mine said that her mom had a leg fracture from it.”

Doctor: “Well, yes, of course. All prescription drugs have potential side-effects. They’re uncommon, but they can happen and we can’t predict when and where. Besides leg fracture, there’s something called jaw osteonecrosis in which the jawbone dies and has to be surgically replaced. But would you rather run the risk of a hip fracture?”

Nancy: “Before we make the jump to drugs, aren’t there natural things I could do first?”

Doctor: (Big sigh.) “You can take calcium, but that only helps a bit. You’ve got to make a choice: Take the drug or risk a hip fracture.”

Nancy: “I think I’m going to explore some natural remedies on my own first.”

Nancy’s dialogue with her doctor is fictional but based on thousands of similar encounters. Identify a problem, prescribe a drug. Natural remedies? “They don’t work.” “I don’t know anything about that.” “None of that is proven.” “I only practice evidence-based medicine” even though the “evidence” is nearly always bought and paid for by industries and committees that profit from the message.

Each of Nancy’s fictitious interactions were no more than ten minutes long. If she is like most people, unless she develops an acute illness, she will have one or two such interactions over the course of a year. She’s got less than thirty minutes per year to compress all of her health counseling into the allotted time—thirty minutes per year to discuss bone health, nutrition, blood sugar issues, cholesterol issues, blood pressure, female issues, sleep issues, joint questions, emotional and mood struggles, etc. Perhaps she has developed some chronic gastrointestinal complaints and struggles with headaches. Regardless, she’s going to have to confine her healthcare interaction to those few minutes, perhaps receiving one or more prescriptions or imaging procedures for each. That’s how modern healthcare works: provide the minimum interaction, address a few, perhaps no more than one, problem, then prescribe a drug or procedure. Imagine you had to care for your car by the same formula, having to be content with the 10 or so minutes your mechanic was permitted to maintain and repair your car—you’d start taking the bus.

Let’s pick up again with Nancy. Upon learning of her osteopenia and long-term risk for osteoporotic fractures, she started searching for solutions. Not only did she discover that there are indeed safe and effective natural ways to deal with osteopenia, she also learned that some strategies have even been examined in clinical trials, pitted head-to-head with drugs and shown to perform as well, if not better, than prescription drugs, at little cost, without side-effects. (She also discovered how out-of-date and ineffective, even dangerous, her doctor’s advice to take calcium was.) She also found that there are online communities in which she could discuss health questions with other people with similar health interests. During one such interaction at the start of her effort, a woman living in another part of the country who shared an interest in restoring bone health commented to Nancy, “Don’t sweat it, Nancy. I was in your shoes a little over a year ago. I followed a program for bone health: vitamin D, vitamin K2, and magnesium; I made sure that I included leafy green vegetables at least once or twice per day, and I added strength training for a few minutes twice per week. I started with osteoporosis. My most recent bone density test showed that I reversed it completely—it’s now normal. My doctor didn’t know what to make of it and I told her to stick her drugs you-know-where! So hang in there and share your questions and concerns with us here.”

That is what Undoctored Health is all about. We fill the gaps of health knowledge not provided during few brief medical interactions and reveal the often astonishing amount of credible, safe, scientific information that allows you to actively participate, and often take over completely, various aspects of health. You don’t have to fire your doctor; these efforts supplement the information and advice you obtain (or don’t obtain) in the doctor’s office.

Our fictional woman, Nancy, returns to her doctor one year later after undergoing a repeat bone scan. The doctor opened her chart, clearly expecting to scold her for her foolhardy and careless attitude and worsened bone thinning although, he’d have to admit, she sure looked healthier, including having lost the extra 30 pounds of weight she’d been carrying. Instead, he was speechless. After a pause, he said, “I don’t know how you did it, but your bone density is now normal, the density of a healthy 30-year-old woman. Your blood sugar is perfect, cholesterol numbers all in order. Just continue doing what you’re doing.” He closed the chart and walked out.

Yes: “Just continue what you are doing,” not “Please tell me what you did so that I might learn something new,” or “Where did you learn about such strategies? I knew nothing about this!” Just “do what you’re doing.” That response defines what modern health care has become: You don’t need drugs or procedures; you therefore don’t need healthcare.

You don’t want that kind of healthcare. It’s reassuring to know that the doctor and hospital are there in case you tumble down the stairs or are helicoptered to the trauma unit after a head-on collision. Why not follow day-to-day health advice of the sort that improves bone density naturally, keeps you slender, maintains blood pressure in the normal range, normalizes insulin and blood pressure responses, keeps bowels operating happily, that can even be used to reverse conditions such as autoimmune joint pain, type 2 diabetes, or skin rashes, while costing next to nothing? That is the kind of healthcare you want.

Nancy conducted her own undoctored health effort to correct her reduced bone density. She experienced no ill effects from the strategies she adopted, it was inexpensive, and, while she focused on bone health, she obtained health benefits across a wider spectrum because genuine health develops as a body-wide process. Her efforts to improve bone health helped reduce risk for heart disease, diabetes, and dementia, while feeling and looking better—all undoctored, all self-directed, all safe. It confused the doctor, but Nancy knew exactly what she was doing.

Who took the health out of healthcare?

Hamburger contains no ham, there are no grapes nor nuts in Grape-Nuts, and health does not come from healthcare.

Undoctored Health wouldn’t be necessary if the healthcare system lived up to its name and provided actual “health”—but it does not. It does nothing of the sort, no more than pouring a glass of moonshine gives you a piece of the moon. The healthcare system delivers products and procedures to deal with illness while maximizing financial return to its insiders, but does not provide health.

The pretense of providing health reaches absurd heights in healthcare advertisements that show attentive, caring people, healthcare personnel devoted to your welfare, and hospitals as friendly places using buzzwords like “miracles,” “healing,” “extraordinary, “compassionate,” “and “personalized.” The Lake Woebegon effect, where “all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average,” doesn’t come close to the hyperbole of healthcare, where every hospital is number one, internationally recognized, and staffed by world experts.

it’s not because the doctors are not doing their jobs—they are doing the jobs they were taught to do. The medicine they were taught involved drugs, scalpels, catheters, monitors, imaging procedures—all the accoutrements of intervening or “fixing” a problem. Ironically, some doctors have knowledge that could indeed empower their patients in health, but they don’t feel that this is part of their role. Doctors in procedural specialties, in particular, such as surgery, cardiology, ophthalmology, and gastroenterology, would “waste” time that could have been spent charging fees for performing gallbladder surgery, heart catheterizations, eye injections for macular degeneration, and colonoscopies. Because it doesn’t involve a prescription, sedation, a bowel prep, and big fees, health issues such as nutrition and correcting nutritional deficiencies are typically pooh-poohed as meaningless or ineffective by the medical community, or at least not part of their role.

The unspoken secret is that providers prefer treatment over prevention, expensive over inexpensive, patent-protectable over non-patent-protectable, billable procedure over non-billable procedure. Spiraling healthcare costs are the expected result because greater revenues are built into the basic principles that drive the system. The endless year-over-year increase in health insurance costs should therefore come as no surprise because this system is designed to take more and more of your money.

Healthcare is a big business (the biggest business of all in the U.S.), a business that seeks to continually grow its revenues and profits. With one in ten Americans employed in the gargantuan healthcare industry, as much as 20% of workers in some metropolitan areas, healthcare also represents a huge wealth transfer from those not in healthcare to those in healthcare (many of them multi-national corporations based outside the U.S.). It adds up to the largest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. It’s not the educational system bleeding us financially, nor the costs of military campaigns worldwide—it’s what is being passed off to us as healthcare.

The push to grow healthcare even bigger is all around us. Direct-to-consumer drug advertising is designed to get you to ask your doctor whether you should take a drug, even if it costs tens of thousands of dollars per year and comes with risk of liver failure and suicide. There is a continual push to “medicalize” human life: shyness is now “social anxiety disorder” to justify “treatment” with antidepressant medication; binging in the middle of the night is now “sleep-related eating disorder“ to justify treatment with seizure medication and antidepressants; obesity, declared a disease by the FDA, justifies insurance payment for gastric bypass and lap-band. Don’t be surprised if, sometime soon, bad dreams, between-meal hunger, and excessive love of your cat are labeled “diseases” justifying treatment.

A health clean slate

With the Undoctored Health approach, you are going to experience something that no other program provides: real answers right now.

The Undoctored Health program flips the way we think about disease and health on its head. Rather than starting with a health condition such as endometriosis or acid reflux, then trying to explore treatments, we flip-flop the process by restoring overall health first. Because virtually everyone’s health has been disrupted by factors such as diet, weight gain, nutritional deficiencies, and inflammation, we all follow the same starting program to reverse these effects. Head-to-toe restoration of health helps you feel better and lose weight faster, and reverses numerous health conditions without agonizing over the details, essentially wiping the slate clean and allowing you to start over. Engage in the topsy-turvy, put-the-solution-first Undoctored Health effort, and the majority of health conditions recede or disappear completely. This explains a big part of the reason why we can accomplish so much without the involvement of the doctor—a much simpler way to become healthier overall, an approach that won’t leave you floundering in the details.

This approach works so wonderfully well because the same efforts that reverse type 2 diabetes also reverse high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, achieve dramatic weight loss, reverse joint pain and inflammation, and provide relief from acid reflux and constipation within days of starting. The same efforts that yield weight loss also provide relief from migraine headaches, eczema and seborrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, even infertility. The Undoctored Health strategies also yield powerful synergies, meaning that the combination is far more powerful than any one component. It means that, even if you begin with five health conditions and seven prescription drugs, you may find yourself, within a relatively short period of time, with no health conditions and no prescription drugs. Obviously, some “scars” of the misguided intentions of the healthcare system cannot be undone, such as having previously said goodbye to your gallbladder due to gallstones, or thyroid gland removed due to nodules, or a prosthetic knee or hip in place of the real thing. But you can, at the very least, reverse the factors that led you down these paths in the first place and avert future health catastrophes of the sort celebrated by the healthcare system.

Rather than begin with questions, we begin with answers, starting with a structured program that everyone follows. There are just six strategies in the Undoctored Health program:

1) Nutritional program--Nutrition is the cornerstone of the program, though it is very different from advice you may have received elswewhere. Follow the eating program and darned astounding changes can occur. Fail to follow the program and few or none of the benefits of the program will develop. It is therefore essential for you to follow the program as written, though it is unique. Even if you are skeptical, give it a try for 4 weeks and see what happens. It is admittedly unconventional with unconventional results. If you want to see the result of following conventional advice, look around you--you WANT to be unconventional. We provide you with a 42-day menu plan that you can follow if you desire, complete with recipes.

2) Vitamin D restoration--Perhaps some of you have already done this. Combine a healthy vitamin D level with the dietary changes and just these two strategies combined yield a powerful synergistic effect on health.

3) Magnesium replacement--Magnesium deficiency is ubiquitous, worsened by prior eating habits. We therefore replace magnesium to yield effects such as reduced blood pressure and migraine headaches.

4) Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation--By itself, supplementing omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil is only a modestly helpful strategy. But, in the context of the overall Undoctored Health program, it takes on added power.

5) Iodine and thyroid optimization--Most people have forgotten the huge public health problem that iodine deficiency used to play since iodized salt solved the problem. But, because we have been told to limit our salt, iodine deficiency has reappeared and shows as weight gain, fatigue, and other health problems. But it is easy to address and correct. Likewise, modern habits and exposures impair thyroid status in many people; identifying, then correcting, even marginal degrees of thyroid dysfunction is a huge health advantage.

6) Cultivation of healthy bowel flora--This is among the more complex strategies in Undoctored Health, but also a collection of strategies that holds enormous potential for restoration of health, acceleration of weight loss, even improving skin health and age-reversal.

In Undoctored Health, we shall go through each and every component of the program in detail. We want you to be confident in following the program components so that you are as confident as possible in achieving your goals.

In the next section, I will elaborate a bit more on how and why the Undoctored Health program yields such extraordinary results.

"As he did in the introduction to this section, Dr. Davis will start with a video that provides a simple and easy overview of the section. There is more detail in the written text, but Dr. Davis gives you an idea of the overall direction.

"At the end of each section during the course, I will be posting a 3-question quiz--surely you can pass quizzes written by a dog!. The quiz is not a test that gets graded, but more an exercise to help emphasize some of the most critical components of the program. We do that because we want to see you succeed in a really big way.

"After each quiz, proceed to the next section to learn even more.

"Good luck!"

About Dr. William Davis, creator of the Undoctored Health program

Dr. Davis is the originator and developer of the Undoctored Health program, a cardiologist with 25 years of experience in health. He turned the nutritional world topsy-turvy with his New York Times bestselling Wheat Belly series, now with 4 million copies sold in 44 countries. He is also author of the Undoctored book that serves as the basis for this program. His goal is to help people discover new levels of health, slenderness, youthfulness, and life performance without the healthcare system.


The information contained herein is not intended to represent a medical diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice in any form, as it is general information and cannot be relied upon without consultation with your physician.

The information contained herein is not intended nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The Undoctored Health program requires that you consult with your physician and healthcare providers before implementing any portion of the Undoctored Health program.

As medical information and your health can change rapidly, we strongly encourage you to discuss all health matters and concerns with your physician before beginning, stopping, or changing any diagnostic or treatment strategies.

Your Instructor

William Davis, MD
William Davis, MD

Dr. Davis is the bestselling author of the Wheat Belly and now Undoctored books. He practiced cardiology for 25 years but now devotes himself to developing personal health empowerment programs to transform health.

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